Take your marks – arena targets Kazan with three new star assets

Powerskin Carbon-Flex World Championship Edition, Carbon-Air and Cobra Ultra set to make a splash in 2015

With 2015’s first events kicking off the annual swimming season and all eyes focused on this year’s World Championships in Kazan, arena – the global brand of water instinct – has once again geared up its leading edge range of racing swimwear and equipment by adding three more strings to the bow of its already formidable series.

Building on the proven superiority of the existing Powerskin family’s Carbon technology, two new swimsuits will make their appearance in 2015 – the Powerskin Carbon-Flex World Championship Edition ,and the ultra lightweight Carbon-Air, which focuses on maximizing swimmer comfort, while still applying the range’s trademark Intelligent Compression.

Completing the trio of new offerings, the company’s latest high-performance piece of equipment, the Cobra Ultra – the world’s most technological racing goggles – was developed in parallel with the Carbon-Flex to round out the most complete range of high-performance racing products in global swimming.

Powerskin Carbon-Flex World Championship Edition – a tribute to swimmer feedback

Launched in 2014, the Powerskin Carbon-Flex became the second suit in the Powerskin Carbon Series, introducing the V-Flex System, a unique, innovative and patented construction developed by arena’s scientific network. While retaining carbon technology’s core components – Intelligent Compression and the Power Return System – strategic placement of the seams in the Carbon-Flex introduced greater flexibility, delivering complete freedom of movement around the hips, glutes, and shoulders.

Now 2015 signals the arrival of the Carbon-Flex World Championship Edition, an exclusive production line created to showcase arena’s Carbon range against the backdrop of the year’s premier swimming event in Kazan, Russia, from 24 July – 9 August. It is the first time a new swimsuit design has been specifically associated with the World Championships.

From a design perspective, the new suit incorporates updates to the blueprint of the original Carbon-Flex based on feedback received from athletes over the past year, along with new fluo green/steel grey colour combinations. With women’s suits, strategic placement of the seams anchors tension at the back center, providing a torsional platform off which the swimmers can leverage their strokes and kicks. For men’s jammers, there are no taped seams along the waistline, which eliminates disturbances and stress points along the waist, and gives the suit exceptional fit and feel.

Powerskin Carbon-Air – Intelligent Compression meets Comfort

The Powerskin Carbon-Air is the latest swimsuit to employ carbon technology through the integration of horizontal Carbon Bands into the suit’s ultra lightweight woven fabric.

From a performance standpoint, the Carbon Bands lock down at a critical stretch point to provide lateral support and control when and where it’s needed. This lighter form of Comfortable Compression helps to improve swimmer performance without compromising the suit’s unbeatable comfort.

Designed with a specific focus on offering the athlete unbeatable comfort, the suit’s fabric is incredibly light – 30% lighter than that used in Carbon-Pro – making the swimmer feel as if they are wearing a second skin. In addition, the SmartStretch shoulder straps in women’s styles are made using carefully selected materials and a special manufacturing process to reduce tension on the shoulders, offering a unique form of “intelligent stretching”, and enhancing comfort. Finally, the smart simplicity of the design gives the suit a sleek construction, which allows the swimmer complete freedom of movement, and makes it exceptionally easy to put on. The result is a cutting edge racing suit that is unmatched for sheer comfort.

Powerskin Carbon-Air is the result of arena’s continuous R&D effort, incorporating intensive swimmer testing and feedback, a hallmark of arena’s modus operandi. Tests were conducted in 2014 with a number of European national teams, and over 120 swimmers from four of the leading NCAA college teams in the US. Feedback was excellent: the women loved the ease of putting on the suit, as well as its feeling of freedom, while the men felt the same benefits and believe it will be a great suit for longer distance events.

European Junior 50 backstroke champion and world junior record holder Simone Sabbioni of Italy was one of the Carbon-Air testers: The Carbon-Air is a great suit. It's super cool, comfy and incredibly light. I like how quickly it took me to put on and how it felt both in and out of the water. Compression without restriction....... perfect!

arena’s Carbon Technology

arena was the first company to use carbon fiber in the manufacture of swimwear, leveraging its inherent strength and stiffness to serve as a protective web that regulates stretching by stiffening the fabric once a critical stress level is reached, thus preventing uneven stress damage.

Arena’s debut model for this groundbreaking new technology, the Powerskin Carbon-Pro, was released in 2012 in anticipation of the London Olympic Games, with a design that integrated carbon fibers into the weave of the swimsuit’s lightweight elastane-nylon fabric. It made an emphatic statement in London, with arena athletes winning an impressive grand total of 35 medals, including 10 gold medals and 4 world records. The following year, at the 2013 World Championships held in Barcelona, arena swimmers brought home more than half of all the swimming medals, of which 23 were gold with three new world records. The trend continued with the introduction of the Powerskin Carbon-Flex, and at the 2014 World Short Course Championships in Doha, athletes using arena’s carbon technology suits once again excelled with more than half all medals won, including 23 golds and 7 new world records.

The fundamental benefit for using carbon threads in this way is Intelligent Compression – the carbon thread framework locks down like a seatbelt as critical stretch levels kick in, giving maximum compression on over-extended zones, increasing support and control when and where it’s needed, and boosting performance through reduced drag, improved efficiency, and maximum power. At the same time, the stretch fabric retains its elasticity, remaining comfortable without affecting the swimmer’s freedom of movement.

The strength of the carbon fibers also improves the suit’s surface integrity, which means there is less chance of tearing or damage that can result from extreme stretching when putting the suit on, while in the water it serves to maximize drag reduction and optimize water repellence.

With the Powerskin Carbon-Pro and Carbon-Flex, the athlete also benefits from the design’s Power Return System, through which the strategic placement of low profile bonded seams and elasticized tapes stores potential energy, which is released during dives, kicks and turns to maximize efficiency, power, and speed.

Together, these features combine to give the swimmer full coverage from the moment they put the suit on, to the starting blocks, and finally where it matters most – in the water.

More than just swimsuits: arena’s Cobra Ultra, the ultimate goggles for the ultimate competition kit

At arena, there is a deep-seated awareness that winning is about details, all the way down to the smallest piece of equipment. In particular, the right goggles can be the difference between winning and coming second, a recognition that was fundamental in the company’s most recent R&D quest to design the ideal equipment companion to the Carbon range of swimsuits.

The result is the new Cobra Ultra goggles, a product of innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, focused on one primary goal – improved performance. Launched in January 2015, the Cobra Ultra’s high-performance concentration rests on three primary pillars: hydrodynamics, field and clarity of vision, stability and fit.

  • Low profile lenses and the blade shape of the goggles minimize drag reduction, while overmoulded temples and gaskets further promote the smooth glide of the head through water without the threat of leaking, resulting in optimum hydrodynamic performance.
  • In addition, the lens and temple construction of the goggles forms a single body, through which the specific curvature and large surface area of the lenses markedly extend visibility both head-on and laterally. Hard polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog coating ensure that visibility is also crystal-clear.
  • High priority was also given to the goggles’ fit – with 5 interchangeable nose bridges, a dual silicone strap, an RFA back clip, and a thin gasket overmoulded on the lens, the swimmer can feel assured that the goggles will be tight, secure, and stable – as well as comfortable – when they need to be performing at their peak.

In combination, these features check all the boxes, leaving the swimmer feeling more secure, comfortable, and in control, while also moving them towards their ultimate goal – swimming faster.

Aside from its technical features, the shape and design of the goggles also project a trendy contemporary style, with a diverse range of bold colours allowing the swimmer to make their own personalized statement.

Some of arena champions were involved in the testing of Cobra Ultra

“I have used them in training from day one, and now I can finally use them in a race! The goggles are a step up in all respects from the Cobra, which until now have been my favorite goggles. They fit snugly on the face and are really comfortable – they are so light it doesn’t seem as if I’m wearing them when I swim. Water flows over the lenses with seemingly no friction at all.”
European 800 and 1500 free champion Gregorio Paltrinieri

Adam Peaty (European champion 50m breaststroke and 100m breaststroke)

They’re stunning, delivering a great sense of speed.I love my Cobra Ultra goggles from day one, I’ve been training with them since I got them. They’re definitely going to be my goggles of choice for competitions.They have a distinctive unique look that just feels cool.

Bronte Campbell (Australia, World Championship 4x100 freestyle relay silver medallist): "They’re just great goggles, so comfortable, and with great forward vision!"

Ous Mellouli (Tunisia, 1500 freestyle & open water Olympic champion): “I just found my perfect open-water goggles thanks to their comfort and lateral vision.”

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