arena Social Compliance Program receives accreditation from the Fair Labor Association

06 APRIL 2017
arena, the leading sport waterwear brand, is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) has accredited its social compliance program at the latest meeting held on February 8, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

The Fair Labor Association is a non-profit organization that combines the efforts of companies, colleges, universities, and non-governmental organizations to promote adherence to international labor standards and improve working conditions and treatment of workers worldwide.

The accreditation comes after the successful completion of a five-year implementation phase started in 2011, when arena joined the FLA as a Participating Company, and is a recognition of the commitment of arena towards workers’ rights in its global supply chain, in full consistency with international labor standards.

Accreditation of a Participating Company's signifies the substantial compliance with FLA requirements; to earn accreditation, a company must undergo an extensive performance review during the implementation period. This review is based on a thorough assessment of ten aspects of a successful social compliance program, including implementation of the required monitoring protocols, training programs and auditing systems, timely and preventative remediation, provision of grievance mechanisms for workers, responsible purchasing practice and engagement with civil society.

The arena Management is strongly committed to act in a socially responsible way, through an ongoing process of internal communication and training, as well as through the implementation of a Code of Conduct which defines the basic requirements for supplier accountability, representing a key requisite for all factories applying to conduct business with arena. The arena Code of Conduct includes provisions about environmentally sound, safe and healthy work conditions, forced labor, protection against harassment and discrimination, freedom of association, fair wages and benefits and prohibition of excessive overtime.

arena is proud to be the 1st FLA brand headquartered in Italy, the 3rd in Europe, to receive accreditation of its social compliance program for its global Tier 1 supply chain. The FLA has already accredited the compliance programs of other 25 global brands including the adidas Group, New Balance, Nike, Patagonia, Puma.

The FLA identified several key strengths of arena social compliance program, including:

  • top management’s commitment,
  • internal training programs, to gain further knowledge of labor standards,
  • commitment to develop and provide suppliers trainings on workplace standards, to improve working conditions,
  • development of procedures and tools to collect and organize social compliance and purchasing practices data,
  • integration and collaboration among relevant business staff to develop and implement responsible purchasing practices procedures.

As a further recognition of arena continuous efforts to create a positive working environment, in 2016 arena’s Responsible Sourcing Procedures were recognized by the FLA Stakeholders Services Team, who invited arena Quality Assurance & Social Responsibility team to be featured on a Responsible Purchasing Practices webinar, providing guidance to all affiliates on the implementation of responsible purchasing and sourcing practices, known by FLA members as “Principle 8”.

The Board of Directors of the FLA is composed of an equal number of representatives from companies, civil society, and colleges and universities. arena social compliance program will continue to be assessed by the FLA to ensure labor standards are upheld to improve workers’ lives and arena will work towards FLA reaccreditation to further improve its program. For more information on the FLA and its initiatives, please visit To learn more about arena’s Social Responsibility, please visit

In the picture, from left to right: Indrani de Silva (FLA Senior Business Accountability Associate), Brian Delehoy (Colosseum Director of Licensing & CSR), John M. Pfeifer (Colosseum Senior Vice President), Kelsey Keene (Colosseum Director of CSR), Renzo Casavecchia (arena Quality Assurance & Social Responsibility Manager), Sharon Waxman (FLA President & CEO), Bernhard Kiehl (W.L. Gore & Associates Fabrics Division Sustainability Leader), Carolin Oppenrieder (W.L. Gore & Associates Social Responsibility Manager), Alpay Celikel (FLA Regional Manager, EMEA), Pasquale Apicella (arena Quality Assurance & Social Responsibility Specialist), Jennifer Caruso (FLA Associate Director, Business Accountability), Tiffany Rogers (FLA Business Accountability Program Manager).

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