arena joins Sarah Sjöström in support of Project Playground with swimwear and equipment donation

09 NOVEMBER 2016
Global water instinct brand arena has pledged its support to Swedish non-profit, Project Playground, through a donation of swimwear and equipment for the organization’s initiatives. Project Playground works to improve the life opportunities of children and youth through organized social activities and sports, and has recently been joined in an ambassadorial role by Swedish Olympic champion and arena Elite Team swimmer, Sarah Sjöström. arena partner Waterproof Sports AB will be the company’s lead representative on this initiative in Sweden.

Project Playground is distinctive for its focus on the individual and its holistic approach, which aims to promote positive ways of thought, behavior and attitude, and tackle prejudice, peer-pressure and exclusion. Its current initiatives include helping children in townships around Cape Town, South Africa, and unaccompanied children in Sweden.

“This project is very dear to me,” said Sjöström, “and being an ambassador for Project Playground means that I may influence children without means to reach their inner potential. This, along with the organization’s method, will in turn inspire them to aim for a better future.” On 7, 8, 9 November this year, Sjöström travels to Cape Town to visit the organization’s operations in the townships, and teach the children how to swim.

“Project Playground really appealed to us through its careful, well thought-out philosophy and methods,” said Malin Söderberg Waterproof Sports AB, “and we truly believe their programmes can make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable sector of our population – disadvantaged children.”

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