Arena launches the world’s first swimsuit to communicate through your smartphone

02 OCTOBER 2015

With the 2016 Rio Olympics now firmly within the sights of the world’s premier sports brands, global water instinct brand arena has once again raised the stakes in the swimming world by developing a swimsuit that not only performs at the highest level, it also gives athletes a direct communication line with the company. By simply holding a smartphone over the new Powerskin Carbon-Flex Limited Edition suit, swimmers have immediate access to exclusive technical information and advice, allowing them to interact with swimming experts and champions, and inviting them to post their own water instinct content. Arena is the first technical sports brand to employ this cutting-edge technology – provided by idOO – to communicate with and offer additional value to their customers this way.

"The ability to be closer to our consumers, to the point of establishing a daily relationship with them, is a great opportunity for a brand like arena,” said Giuseppe Musciacchio, General Manager Brand Development. “Today’s technology is significantly changing patterns of consumption, and it presents an exciting challenge for a company like arena that wants to promote the universe of values shared by swimming lovers."

The idOO technology in the new Powerskin Carbon-Flex Predator Limited Edition is accessible through a chip integrated into the suit. By downloading the idOO app from Google Play Store and holding their smartphone near the chip, users will be able to tap into exclusive arena information and services, such as the suit’s technical specifications and authenticity, tips on choosing the right suit size, and how to wear and care for it. In addition, swimmers will be able to interact with coaches, experts, and champions of arena’s Elite Team, to ask questions, satisfy curiosity, and receive personal advice, and like their favoutire champions, share their own “water instinct” through quotes and pictures, which will be posted on arena’s water instinct pages.

Characterized by its distinctive camouflage design and approved by FINA, the Powerskin Carbon-Flex Predator Limited Edition with integrated idOO technology is available on the market at €279,00 for the men's suit and €449,00 for the women’s.

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