arena celebrates the one and only Iron Lady with a dedicated, inspired Capsule Collection

19 JUNE 2015

The indomitable Katinka Hosszu and arena together have created a first class collection of swim essentials that reflects this superlative athlete’s spirit and ethos: bold, fun, stylish and highly technical, the three-piece capsule collection is composed of a training swimsuit, a swim cap and a t-shirt in a distinctive, stand-out black, red and white palette.

The swimsuit features ‘Iron Lady’ graphic lettering all over in sparkling silver against a black background and is constructed in arena’s ultra-durable and comfortable Max Life, a revolutionary swim fabric that ensures a perfect fit and unsurpassed performance. It is also exceptionally chlorine resistant which makes it the ideal suit for dedicated athletes who spend hours in the pool. The Light Drop back combines a sporty look with an enviable fit and a feminine, sophisticated feel as well as ensuring maximum control and freedom of movement.

The sleek silicone swim cap shares the same lettering as the swimsuit, with the words ‘Iron Lady’ in white with black shading, dotted with just a touch of light-catching crystals against a vibrant red background.

Edgy and feminine, with a cool and stylised portrait of Katinka across the front, the fitted cotton t-shirt conveys her moxie, grit and determination in a sexy yet powerful visual drawn from the world of graphic novels and transforms one the most winningest swimmers in recent history into an aquatic superhero ready to take her mark time and time again!

Says Katinka of the collection:

For me, becoming the Iron Lady has been life changing. Not just in the pool, but in how I see and handle the world on a daily basis. It started out as a nickname, but quickly, as I started to embrace the nickname, it became my alter ego for when I train or step onto the blocks for a race. For me, the Logo has always served as a reminder that hard work always pays off, even we don't see it at the moment, and that with great talent comes a huge responsibiltity to push the limits, work hard, and see just how far I can go with that talent.

Since I was a litle girl watching Michael Jordan with my father, I have always dreamed of being a professional athlete with their own product line, so when Arena agreed to collaborate with my Iron Lady Brand, it was definitely a dream come true. My hope is that the line will offer swimmers a glipse into what is possible in the sport! As well as serve as a reminder that all the hard work they are putting in will come back to them at some point, that they should continue to push themselves, challenge themselves, and keep taking those baby steps toward their goals and dreams."

The Iron Lady Collection will be available from beginning of August, 2015 in time for the 16th FINA World Championships at the Kazan arena store, on-line on the arena website and in select stores in Budapest, Hungary.

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Download PDF